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Whiting Chalk Powder


Whiting Chalk Powder are also named as dalla powder, chalk mitti, laapi putty powder, etc. As Whiting Chalk Powder manufacturers, we are obliged to cater clients from every vertical and industry in the best possible way.

Product Details

Whiting Chalk is a natural substance and a variety of Calcium Carbonate.
Whiting Chalk Powder is natural Mineral and it may vary in color and chemical properties
The grade of Whiting Chalk Powder processed in our plant is of the highest quality.
We trust our quality and offer the same Whiting Chalk Powder to meet the customer’s requirements.
1. Calcium Carbonate as CaCO3 : 88%
2. Silica as SiO2 : 2.10%
3. Alumina as AI203 : 3.15%
4. Calcium Oxide as CaO: 1.54%
5. Magnesium Oxide as MgO : 1.11 %
6. Magnesium as MgCO3 : 2.33 %
7. Ferric Oxide as Fe203: 0.24%
8. Titanium as TiO2: 0.10%
9. Sodium as Na2O: 0.20%
10. Phosphorus as P: 0.012%
11. Moisture as MOI: 0.75%
12. Loss on Ignition: 41.40
13. Oil Absorption: 15.00 to 25.00

Product Uses

In the Paint industry, it is used or manufacture of Primers, Putty and Distempers.

Whiting Chalk Powder is highly used in all Rubber Manufacturing Industries.

In Ceramics, it is used as one of the body constituents.

We understand the importance and requirements and adhering to the same, our enormous chalk mines allow us to process the powder in bulk quantities.
We also offer Chalk Lumps of the highest quality processed in our specialized systems. Gayatri Minerals have achieved immense reputation and clientele assuring almost no heavy metals and substandard material as a whiting chalk powder supplier and manufacturer.

Gayatri Minerals has been manufacturing and serving with distinguished quality of whiting chalk powder. Since 4 decades of our inception in the year 1988, we have always concentrated on our quality and customer satisfaction.


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